At Bio3, we have teams of wildlife research dogs and handlers, trained to search and detect bird and bat carcasses in wind farms and power lines. These teams allow us to quantify with a high degree of accuracy the real impact of these infra-structures in biodiversity.

Our dog-handler teams were trained by the Canine Special Unit of the Portuguese Police (UEP-PSP). The cooperation protocol between Bio3 and UEP-PSP included:

• 3 months of intensive dog and handler training
• Transfer of rigorous, scientifically recognized dog training detection techniques to our handlers
• UEP-PSP certification of our handlers as wildlife detection dog trainers.

The accuracy of our detection dog-handler teams is over 96%, compared to 10% obtained with humans. We maintain the high performance of our teams with weekly training and periodic, science-based assessments to test the capabilities and performance of our dogs.

Our handlers are able to train detection dogs to perform other detection services, with the same accuracy, including: census of specific species (fauna or flora), monitoring mortality in roads and railroads, detection of rare species.
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